Assisting Developers

TBCM recognises that the primary concern of developers is the marketing of their product to take advantage of market conditions. To this end, we can provide all necessary information and advice to developers to achieve this aim. The early provision of a necessary Community Management Statement, Budget and proposed levies, will enable the developer to liaise with their solicitor and real estate agent to enter into contracts of sale during construction. It is essential that accurate contracts be drawn up to avoid contractual haggling at a later date.

We liaise with all parties involved, including the surveyor, to ensure a smooth process during construction, and the eventual transition to a managed Body Corporate. The role of the surveyor is essential in the development process as delays can result in problems with prompt registration of the complex with the Council and Titles Office.

We advise developers of their responsibilities under the Act and Regulations and can co-ordinate these responsibilities to bring them to a satisfactory conclusion. Particular advice can be given regarding bylaws that are appropriate for the proposed development, e.g. the extent of approvals for pets.

Where we have ongoing management with a new Body Corporate, NO CHARGE is made to the developer.